Day 114: Monday April 24 2017

Happy Monday everyone. Hope everyone has had a productive start to the week. I did have a somewhat productive day today which was a nice way to roll out the week. 

I got a nice walk in before work which is always good. Some fresh air before being stuck in side for a while is necessary for my brain to work and me be productive. I managed to survive the first part of my day and be somewhat productive with work.

After my lunch I decided to go for a walk because of the nice weather. It felt oh so lovely to get some fresh air and 40 minutes of cardio in to break up the day. 

After work I got home and checked all the lovely emails I always get. Sometimes / almost always they’re boring but today was different. I am a firm believer that whatever you need happens or comes into your life exactly when you need it and today was no exception. Nothing is for sure at the moment but I will say that today has helped me remember that life gives me what I’m ready for exactly when I need it and working towards bigger and better things is always a good path on which to be. 

I did a killer workout today, a little later than I’d have liked but you do it when you have to. It was Workout 1 from the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge. 

Thank you Lori Harder for this amazing challenge and the wonderful supportive community with whom to do it. It is incredibly motivating to know there are thousands of women working alongside me on this challenge. We are all motivated and working towards a common goal, to better ourselves, and in turn look and feel better through it. It really is a life changing process and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Today I decided to retry workout 1 and see how I’ve improved since then. I was very pleased that I’d improved upon some exercises since day 1.


Side to side squat kick: I’ve definitely improved on this one. My movements are more fluid, my squat are deeper, and my kicks are stronger. I felt my core engaging more than Day 1 which felt great. I still know my legs will be mad at me tomorrow but it’s worth it. 

DB-45 degree bicep curls: I increased my weights and with that came extra resistance which made for a harder workout. Awesome challenge. 

Squat Jump tap: I was able to do more, deeper squats and managed to do strong jumps with each squat. I’m sure I’ll forget why my legs are killing me tomorrow so anyone wants to remind me it would be appreciated. 

Reach & row: I increased the weight with this exercise also an was able to increase my reps allowing for a more challenging workout. I can’t wait to keep doing different arm exercises to see some increased definition in my arms. 

Low plank leg lift: this exercise was still my most challenging. I did notice an improvement from Day 1 though. I was able to hold my core and back tighter with each lift getting a better workout with each rep. 

It really is empowering to look back at my workout from seven days ago and see the differences in my form and strength. That alone is enough for me to feel today was a success. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Here’s to being productive, setting goals, crushing goals, and having fun doing it. 


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