Day 115: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope everyone has had a wonderful productive day. It’s been a very grey, rainy day today and let’s be honest all I want is to be in bed right now. 

Instead of being my warm cozy self (that I want to be sooooo bad) I mean come on movies in your pjs while it’s raining is the best; I did the adult thing and went to work. (Reading back on that “adult thing” sounds bad. Sorry guys I mean “grown up”. Well now I sound five. Moving on.)

And once again I got my workout butt kicked. Well played #LH14DayChallenge #Day9 @LoriHarder Let’s be honest, today was one of those I REALLLLY don’t want to workout days. On those days I’ve come to learn it’s essential to workout, gives us those endorphins Elle Woods was so right about. Today’s workout was a hard one and I took to heart Lori’s advice of smiling through the pain. Each exercise when I got to the point of wanting to stop, I put that “pain” smile on my face and grinned through it and truthfully it helped. Smiling helped to remind me of all the other amazing people in this challenge and on this awesome journey with me. I did improve on the exercises since last attempt so that felt great.


DB Squat Press: I managed to increase my reps on this exercise as well as go deeper each squat #feeltheburn

DB Rear Delt Fly & Donkey Kick: I noticed a marked improvement in my balance on this exercise which felt great. Because of my better balance I was able to more easily keep my core tight, getting a great exercise in. 

High Climbers: I improved the most with this exercise. I was able to do the full exercise as opposed to simple mountain climbers. This exercise was killer #progress

Sumo Arching Squat: I liked the fluid motion of this exercise. It worked the arms, legs, and glutes #allinone 

Chatarunga Belly Push-up: I still really liked this move for its yoga resemblance. It’s a smooth movement but still gives you that insane muscle burn. 

Work was insane today so that workout at home saved me. I needed the time to decompress and clear my mind. Getting in a good workout is always the best of all worlds. I get a good muscle burn in for my body, I get time to clear my mind, and I get back to what’s really important in my life. 

Hope everyone had an awesome day. Tomorrow’s hump day, half way done the work week wooohooo. We can do it. Cheers to a productive day everyone. 


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