Day 116: Wednesday April 26, 2017

Today was an awesomely productive day workout wise. On my lunch at work I decided to go for an awesome 45 minute walk. I got a mental break and some great cardio. It was so awesome getting that break with lovely fresh air and getting my heart pumping. 

At work I slipped up food wise so it was a good thing I went for that walk. It helped to offset my bad food decision. There’s no point in beating myself up. I just need to be more wise about the choices I make related to food from now on. Food is definitely the hard part of the battle. 

After work as soon as I got home I needed to workout. I had the energy and momentum going so I figured why stop now. I took off my shoes, changed into my workout clothes, and cranked my workout out. 

Today I did Workout 3 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge, and it was awesome. I love these workouts. They are 20 minutes but oh so effective. Just crank out those exercises (5 exercises, 45 seconds each, 3 sets) and then you’re done. The workouts go by so fast because you aren’t doing any one exercise for a long time. Also, Lori is so motivating you just feel like you’re working out with a friend, an awesomely motivating friend. I’d recommend these workouts to anyone, regardless of fitness level. Because they’re short you can find the time for them. Also, there are modifications for the exercises so you can either increase or decrease the difficulty while getting in a killer awesome workout. 

Workout 3:

Flying push-up: this exercise definitely works the whole body. The arms get a great workout from the push-up and the core and glutes were burning with each lift into fly position. 

Split jumps: this exercise was probably my most challenging. Keeping my core tight helped me keep my balance and momentum while alternating lunges. I love feeling progress from the last time. #progress

Tricep kickbacks: I tried my best to squeeze my triceps the whole time I performed this exercise and I felt it engaging my triceps with every rep. My arms are probably going to be rubber tomorrow. Love it!

Prone jack pop-up: this exercise was probably my most improved. I managed to keep my pace steady and my proper form. It’s definitely a full body burn. #progress

DB Squat & reverse lunge: this one was a doozie. Keeping proper form was essential to get the full burn. It was also key not to cheat and make sure I went down fully for both squats and lunges. Cheating doesn’t get you what you want. #giveyourall 

I hope everyone has had an awesome, productive day. Let’s stay focused on our goals and plans for the week. Only two days of the work week to go. Cheers everyone. 


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