Day 117: Thursday April 27, 2017

Good Thursday everyone. Hope everyone has been having an awesome week. Today started off on the right food which is always good. I had a gigantic smoothie bowl so I got a ton of nutrients and energy in my body first thing to start the day off on the right foot. 

On my lunch break I went for an amazing walk. It was so beautiful outside I just couldn’t waste that opportunity. It gave me a nice break to my day, some cardio, and some vitamin D for my insanely pale skin. All good stuff. 

After work I made sure to get in a killer cardio session which always feels great. It’s Day 11 of the challenge and since I was so all over the place when I got home and not really focused I figured it was best to do a cardio session and not sacrifice form on a strength training workout. As long as I got my body moving I was good. 

Something epic happened today which is why I’m so scattered but I’ll give myself a pass for that. The more stuff happens the more I firmly believe that everything happens exactly when it needs to and everyone who comes into our lives does so at the best moment. I won’t spill anything just yet because I don’t want to jump the gun but either way, things are happening I’m really excited about. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Tomorrow’s Friday so there’s definitely something to smile about (even with all my sore workout muscles going on, one of the best feelings ever in my opinion). Cheers. 


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