Day 118: Friday April 28, 2017

TGIF everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I am all too happy it’s Friday today. Crazy crazy hectic week as per usual but with some additional craziness. 

I had eluded to this craziness yesterday and my gosh guys it is still ongoing. Life is absolutely unpredictable and I think I prefer it that way. All I can do is work as hard as I can at the big goals I have in my life and let life do the rest. I know it will bring whatever I need into my life right when I need it. 

With the craziness going on in life it’s important to keep your priorities in check and stick to them. For me, that is my health and my loved ones. Despite all the craziness going on, I made sure to go for a crazy long walk at lunch today. It was beautiful out again so I needed to take full advantage of the fresh air. I got in an amazing 90 minute walk so cardio for the day βœ….

After work I may have practically danced to the bus stop (can we tell I’m in a very TGIF mindset 😝?). On my way home I read on the bus just to do something different and relaxing. 

After work I had some errands to do (even more walking, all the steps!!) so I definitely got my steps in for the day. After that it was workout time. I decided to repeat workout 3 today and man it kicked my butt. I’m all for a killer workout if it gets me where I want to be. These insanely effective, quick, fun workouts are stepping stones to getting me the body I want. It isn’t just about the physical aspect however. I workout for how awesome it makes me feel and that I won’t be giving up any time soon. Once you get that feeling it becomes addictive, and that’s one feeling I can get used to. 

I want to be productive this weekend. I want to plan my workouts for the week, get some reading in, write some more, and sleep in (that last one is the true jackpot). Fingers crossed I get it all done and have a good weekend. Hope everyone has a great night and had an awesomely productive day today. TGIF!


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