Day 119: Saturday April 29, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 

Today went by way too fast, like weekend days tend to do. This morning was a crazy running around time. I did tons of errands today but still have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow. I did make a purchase I’m excited about. I bought a new blender. Yea I’m officially an adult getting excited about buying appliances. But with this purchase I’ll be able to make a week’s worth of smoothies at once and have my breakfasts for the week all done at once. That’s a good purchase in my book. 

When I got home I was insanely exhausted. I have no idea why but I just felt bone tired. It was absolutely ridiculous so when I just decided to lay down and woke up 4 hours later I realized that maybe it wasn’t just a little cat nap I’d wanted to take. I’ve come to now accept that my body is the smart one and if equally smart I’ll listen to it. Tomorrow I will be going to bed early. I’m hoping it was just a case of me not being invincible and actually needing decent sleep instead of only getting a few hours of sleep a night. Hurts me to say this but I’m not a teenager anymore (yes I’m shattered by this realization). 

After my crazy nap I had some family time. Weekends are good for that because I usually get the time where I can spend it with my friends or family instead of being all caught up with work. 

When I got home I somehow managed to find the energy to workout. Today I redid workout 1 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge. 


1.Side to side squat kick: my balance is sooo much better for this exercise and it feels awesome. Contracting my legs and core has totally helped me keep form and get the most out of the exercise. #progress 

2.DB 45degree bicep curls: this is definitely a killer arm workout. Keeping the 45degree angle is key to get the most out of it and when you do, oh boy, that’s killer.

3.Squat Jump Tap: oh those killer squats. I added some heavier weights to this one to get the most out of it. Man was it a tough one but so worth it. #doitforthebooty 

4.Reach & row: this one works the whole body. Keeping that core tight and slightly bent gives you that leg, glute, and ab burn, and those rows worked the arms and back. Love having the full body workout with a simple move.

5.Low plank leg lift: this one is the tricky one for me. The plank is always a core killer for me so adding in the leg lift makes it even more of a workout. It definitely keeps the core and glute muscles working.

Can’t believe just like that the weekend is half over. Hope everyone had an awesome and productive day. Hopefully tomorrow will be even more productive (and I won’t take a ridiculously long nap).


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