Day 121: Monday May 1, 2017

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. My medical condition decided to flare up big time. It started getting a little bad on Saturday which is why I was so tired although I didn’t really make the connection. But by Sunday it was in full swing. I woke up Sunday morning and I honestly felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Naturally my mom was in full “momma bear” mode and wanted me to go to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t as serious as it gets but I decided to wait it out (listening to my body and knowing its limits is good for more than just workout stuff). All Sunday and Monday all I’ve done is lie down and sleep. I’ve had absolutely zero energy and been in a bunch of pain associated with my condition (good times, cue ice packs being my best friend). 

Almost 48 hours later and I’m starting to feel human again. It’s ridiculously annoying being out of commission. I hate when my body does this. I can’t do anything for work, for working out, productivity at zero. But there’s no point in pouting because that isn’t productive. Yes being annoyed is allowed but there’s no point dwelling on it because that doesn’t help me heal. Instead, I’ve just been focusing on doing what my body needs to feel better which has been sleeping these past two days basically 85% of the time. Luckily my condition has decided to resolve its issue on its own this time around rather than needing further intervention. That’s definitely a plus. 

There is one thing I’m upset about from being out of commission these past two days. As you know I’ve been doing the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge and I’ve been loving it. The workouts were 20 minutes long which is great, no crazy long workout to take a chunk of time out of your day. They were awesome fun to do; even though they’re workouts (I know they’re never really “fun”) but these are different. The moves are easy to follow and because the rounds are short you don’t get bored and can stay engaged in it the whole time. Also, they were incredibly motivating. Having Lori do the workouts with you made them so much easier to do. Now the moves themselves weren’t easier but you felt like you were working out with a friend who motivated you through the whole thing. Also, having this challenge be within this amazing fitness community felt so motivating. Knowing that all these other amazing, hard working, motivated, focused people doing the challenge with me made it feel like I was along on this fitness journey with friends. For that reason I feel disappointed about not being able to complete the challenge. I got all the way to Day 13 but Day 14 happened to be on Sunday and working out was not going to happen. Now I know this was out of my control and for that I really have nothing to be upset about but it was just that I was so close to finishing it. It was right there, one day left, and I couldn’t finish it. It almost felt like I was letting down other members of the LHTribe and our 14 Day Challenge community. Luckily the women in this community are absolutely wonderful, kind, amazingly supportive women. They helped me feel grateful for having been able to do 13 days rather than feeling guilty for missing Day 14. I am truly grateful for this community and for all I have gained through the challenge. 

Now that I’m getting back to healthy condition I’m hoping to be back at work, and working out tomorrow. I will take it slow to not have my body get too angry with me but it’s required. Hope everyone has a terrifically productive Tuesday! 


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