Day 122: Tuesday May 2, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope everyone has had a great day. Today was a busy one which is par for the course. The insanity of the day went from the first buzz of my alarm to even now. 

This morning for some unknown reason everything was set on slow motion. I did everything as normal but wound up running around last minute like a chicken with its head cut off desperately trying to not miss my bus. 

All of work was of course insane as always. To break that up I needed to go for a walk at lunch. It didn’t matter to me it was raining. I needed the fresh air desperately to clear my head, the extra cardio was just a bonus. 

Once work was done I came home, late thanks to a lovely infrastructure issue downtown backing up all the traffic. Stuck in traffic for an extra 40 minutes, soooo fun. 

Let’s just say after today’s insanity I am very excited to curl up in bed, get some good sleep, and get ready to take on, and crush tomorrow. Cheers! 


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