Day 124: Thursday May 4, 2017

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!! May the 4th be with you. Ok ok sorry had to get my geek on, I’m done now. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thursday. Can’t believe it’s already Thursday, and it’s already May. I know it’s May 4, but I’ve been so insanely busy and in such a whirlwind this week I haven’t even registered it’s already May (I’m sorry Justin Timberlake). 

Today was a big day for change for me. Today was my last day in my position at work. It’s a change and I’m definitely excited about it. I’m all for diving into a new challenge and learning new things along the way. It is a little scary going into this new job with such uncertainty not knowing exactly what I’ll be doing but epic comes out of challenges and scariness so I’m all for diving in. 

Today, in spite of it being a big day, I didn’t want my exercise to go by the wayside. I made sure to go on an awesome long walk during my lunch today. I’m noticing that the weather, in spite of the rain, is getting decent and lovely, and warmer (insert major happy dance by the always frozen snow woman). 

Tomorrow’s a new start at a new job and I’m nervous but also excited for the change. We’ll see what’s in store. Here’s to the next chapter! Hope everyone has had an awesome productive day and here’s to tomorrow being just as awesome. 


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