Day 125: Friday May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!!! It’s a crazy day today and the fact that it’s Friday and Cinco de Mayo the day is even crazier. That’s mostly because now I have a good excuse to get a margarita (please don’t judge me, they’re delicious).

Started my “new” job today and I’m already excited about it. The atmosphere is completely different, everything has already changed. It’s crazy how the feeling and energy of a place can affect you. I’ve already felt a change within myself, sounds crazy but it really was that immediate. I had worked there previously in a different capacity so the environment is familiar to me but this new role is a good change of pace for me. 

It’s still crazy rainy today. I have no idea what Mother Nature has against us but she’s seriously giving us the rain. I feel awful seeing the flooding people are having to deal with. These poor people are having to evacuate their homes, I just can’t imagine. Seeing these situations really gets me feeling grateful. It’s just so important to know how much you have every day. I’ve tried for the past few months to wake up every morning and tell myself all I have to be grateful for, and what I want to accomplish for the day. This practice has really helped me get grateful and grounded. Knowing what I have, and what I have to do puts me in the mind frame of both gratitude and perseverance. I know what I have and where I want to go and just need to remind myself of that daily (what can I say guys, eye on the prize). 

After work all the fun started (feel the sarcasm guys). So on my walk to the bus, my umbrella decided to quit on me so I got drenched and look like a drowned poodle. Even better happened once I got on the bus home. We were just getting on the highway when the bus decided to die on us. So we stood on the highway on ramp, in the pouring rain, on a broken down bus. Now I’ve had this happen before so that’s not why I was so upset about it. It’s just that it’s Friday, I had a bunch of stuff to do, and it’s Cinco de Mayo! I should be drinking margaritas not stranded on a bus!!

I got home and did a bunch of work, because the work never ends when you’re trying to be as productive as possible. I do have tons to do this weekend but I want to get my workouts in first thing in the morning, unlike during the week because I’m not quite strong enough just yet (mentally, my will power is weak) to get up at 5am every morning to get a workout in before work. 

Hope everyone had a great day (please tell me someone had a margarita for me). Here’s to a productive, awesome weekend. 


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