Day 126: Saturday May 6, 2017

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I’ve had a busy Saturday so far, nothing new but I’m good with that. I got up earlier than my alarm, on a weekend nonetheless, so I decided I had to be productive today.

I did lots of writing work this morning which felt good, felt nice just clearing my mind. I also did some journaling just for myself, it was nice to get back to what’s important in life and get grateful. 

I also did a lot of errands today, what my weekends are usually for. It is nice to get errands cranked out though, getting all my groceries done let’s me meal plan and prep for the week. I do need to get back to being strict with journaling everything I eat with my fitness pal to keep my accountability. This will for sure minimize my snacking on the stuff I really shouldn’t be eating. (Seriously though, if any women out there have snack ideas for period cravings I would be so grateful). 

I also had some family time today which is always appreciated. Spending good time with friends and family is a good way I recharge. I get to spend time with loved ones often and for that I am incredibly grateful. It really does help me see how fortunate I am having my family so close compared to so many friends of mine who have their families scattered. 

I also did a ton of cardio today from all the errands I did today. That’s good though, all about getting those steps in. 

All in all today was a pretty productive day. I do want to do some computer work tomorrow (wish me luck, it senses my fear), along with some meal prep, and a killer arm workout. Hope everyone’s had a wonderful Saturday and here’s hoping for an equally splendid Sunday. Cheers!


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