Day 127: Sunday May 7, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone’s had a good, productive Sunday. 

I did a ton of stuff today and that feels great (compared to what I had planned for today which was sleep in and do the bare minimum because it’s the weekend). 

Somehow my body was all about getting up early again today. I was up much earlier than I’d planned for so I decided to just take advantage of it and started the day off on a productive foot. 

I had to do some more errands today so that was first on the list. The awesome thing (yes sad I’m excited about something that happened during groceries, no judgment guys 😝) was that because it was so rainy this morning the store was much quieter than usual so I was done much faster than usual (aka home faster for other things, love it 👍).

When I got home it was time for a killer workout. I made a plan for the week yesterday so I could have it all planned out leaving me less room for excuses. Today was a solid arm and calves workout (if I can’t lift anything and walking hurts tomorrow, please remind me).

After working out I did a ton of meal prep for the week. Now all my lunches for the week are good to go and for the most part dinners are all planned. I’ll just have to remember to log everything on My Fitness Pal and the Under Armour Record apps (gotta love that accountability).

I hope everyone has a productive week ahead, achieves those goals, and has a great time doing it. 

I just want to take this second to send out the biggest hug to everyone in my community being ravaged by floods. I cannot imagine the heartbreak these people are going through seeing their homes ravaged in this way. My heart just wants to hug all of you. 


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