Day 128: Monday May 8, 2017

I know it’s Tuesday but Monday’s post didn’t post yesterday so here’s a little rewind to yesterday. 
Happy Monday everyone! I figure if I start acting like I’m excited about it being Monday my mind’s going to get the message and actually be happy about it. I mean, I have a home, a job, and wonderful people any day of the week. How can Monday not be great?

I got to have coffee and a walk (in the chilly weather) with a girlfriend today which was great. It was nice to get a cardio break from work while getting to talk with a friend. 

With it being Monday the work day went by fast enough which is always good. Work at my new location is great. Easy to get to, nice coworkers, good work, all good things in my books. 

I’ve started reading “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins and oh my gosh I’m already hooked. It is both inspiring and chalk full of incredibly useful information. I cannot wait to see what insights I get out of this read, stay tuned (I won’t be an insight hog, I’ll share). 

Now that Monday’s through it’s onto Tuesday. Hope everyone crushes their goals this week and has fun doing it. Cheers! 


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