Day 129: Tuesday May 9, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope everyone is trekking along having a great week, kicking ass, taking names, that sort of thing. 

Today was another crazy day. I had a ton of running around to do today so I figured I’d be productive on my lunch break and walk for some shopping and get done what I could on my lunch. It was nice getting in some cardio and some things checked off my ridiculously long “to do” list. 

My days are just as busy in this new position as the old and for that I’m very grateful. Work going by quickly allows me to not get bored and actually feel a sense of accomplishment rather than dread at having to be somewhere. 
Regardless of the day, I try to find what I can be grateful about, no matter how small, just to keep my perspective and really stay focused and grounded. This way, regardless of how bad my work day may be, or something happening in my personal life, there’s always something I can find to be grateful for. 

I did more shopping after work (I’m sorry wallet, I really am, I’ll give you a break for the next few months promise). I swear, in my family and even with friends there are soooo many occasions in May. This can be good though, I get most of my spending out of the way in May, just one quick month of wallet pain. 

After a wonderfully successful post-work shopping trip (love when that happens), it was home for me (no pyjamas just yet, insert sad face). I made sure to get in a good core workout at home along with my hour walk at lunch today and it felt awesome! I know my body is going to be a little annoyed with me tomorrow but it’ll just have to get over it because I am on a mission. 

I continued my reading of Tony Robbins’ book and oh my gosh guys I’m only on page 7 and I’m in full student mode. I will be taking notes on this one for sure, and I promise to share the epicness. 

Hope everyone’s had a great, productive Tuesday. Here’s to an equally awesome, productive, goal hunting Hump Day. 


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