Day 130: Wednesday May 10, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone, one of these days I will post a picture of me riding a camel on hump day (it’s somewhere in my house, I swear). This morning was a lovely sunny contrast to the past few days and I am loving it. Give me all the vitamin D please, I’ve got my BB cream with SPF on so I’m covered. Sunscreen isn’t an optional consideration when you’re pale like me, I don’t wear it and I become a walking tomato. 

Work was work as usual but it’s a stepping stone towards bigger things and for that I am grateful. Work is also responsible for my lovely pay checks that are paying for my next wanderlust trip to Europe so in the work grind I shall remain. 

I’m getting used to this walk at lunch thing that’s for sure. I’m really enjoying having that time to break up my day ✅, get some fresh air ✅, and get in some good cardio ✅. It’s a bunch of benefits all bundled into one activity. Check marks all around, something someone like me who enjoys cranking through a “to do” list greatly appreciates. 

After work I got to visit with some long time family friends I haven’t seen in forever which was wonderful. Even if it was for a little visit it was so nice to just check in and see each other, and their adorable gigantic dog. There’s something for me about seeing dogs (the big, the small, the long haired, short haired, fluffy, any kind let’s be honest) that just makes my heart happy. Combine dog time with catching up with friends and I’m counting that as a successful day. 

Now because I met up with friends rather than workout after work I am a workout short today. However, because I did a brisk hour long walk at lunch I don’t feel like I got nothing active done today. What matters is I did something, as long as I keep going in the right direction, even baby steps count as a step forward. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful productive Hump Day. Here’s to an equally awesome and productive Thursday. Keep hunting those goals and keeping the eye on the prize. Cheers! 


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