Day 131: Thursday May 11, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone. And just like that tomorrow’s Friday. Where the time goes and how it goes so fast I really haven’t a clue. If anyone knows how to slow it down feel free to let me know. 

I really didn’t have the most productive of days today but that’s life. I did get stuff done at work but there still feels like there’s tons to do. 

At lunch I made sure to go out for a nice walk. The sky was looking awfully grey so I made sure to have my umbrella with me in case the sky just decided to open on me. It was nice to get that fresh air in to refresh myself to take on the second half of my day. 

After work was family time which is always good. For me, today’s priority was on family and less on getting in a killer workout. 

Tomorrow’s lunch is longer so that means I can get in an even longer walk to make up for missing a HIIT session today. But I will also be working out tomorrow after work. 

With so much going on in my life right now, having the support of my family and the escape of exercise are essential and ever so appreciated. I am incredibly thankful for everything I have in my life and keeping that at the forefront of my mind is very important. I just need to stay on the right path and I know things will happen when they need to, and when I’m ready for them and putting in the necessary work. 

Cheers everyone. Hope everyone’s had a wonderful productive day and here’s to an equally awesome Friday. 


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