Day 132: Friday May 12, 2017

TGIF everyone. It was gorgeous and sunny this morning on the way to work, thank you Mother Nature. Even before I got out of bed this morning I decided to make today a good day. I woke up before my alarm so I decided that was the perfect time for a gratitude exercise. For some reason I’ve gotten really bad allergies this season, I look like I’ve been crying for days with the red watery eyes, red sniffling nose, so attractive guys. But instead of being annoyed and feeling crappy about it I decided to get grateful. I live in a place with beautiful nature and flowers and trees and if that beauty gives me allergies that’s ok. I’m just fortunate enough to be able to witness this natural beauty every day. 

I had extra time at lunch today so I went for a nice long walk around work. It was definitely difficult to not stop into one of the restaurants along my walk for a bite to eat, the smells of all the foods cooking and being served on patios, man it smelled so good. I’m pretty sure the delicious smells fuelled my lunch walk because I was walking crazy fast, and I’m ok with that. 

My stomach isn’t doing the best today, no idea why, maybe just a little bug, and hopefully gone by tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to get my meal plan done tomorrow for the week, just get that big task out of the way. I also want to get my workout plan for the week out of the way tomorrow to just get it done so I can stick with it. 

I’m so happy it’s Friday. I am exhausted and really hope I have a good night’s sleep tonight. I’m wondering if there’s some night time yoga sequences I could start practicing to see if that would help my sleep. What’ve I got to lose right? 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful week and an equally awesome Friday night. Here’s to hoping the weekend is awesome, productive, and even a little relaxing (cue sleeping later than during the week happy dance). Cheers!


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