Day 133: Saturday May 13, 2017

Happy weekend everybody! Hope everyone’s had an awesome Saturday. My day was a whirlwind which is why I’m only getting around to writing now. 

We’re doing some oh so lovely renovations around the house and it’s making me realize that oh my gosh we have a ton of stuff. Having to move everything around is making us go through all of our stuff and really consider what we want to keep and what we can give to charity. I’m all about the spring cleaning vibe now. 

On the bright side of things, renovations do give you a solid workout. All the moving things around, moving stuff up and down the stairs, it was keeping me going all day. 

Tomorrow will be another “moving day”. There’s still tons of stuff to move and store so it’ll be another crazy day tomorrow. But tomorrow is also Mother’s Day. 

Naturally I’ll be spending tomorrow with my mom (best mom in the universe) sorry everyone else. I’m always eager to spend special occasions with loved ones. At any chance I have to spend with loved ones or celebrate important dates I’m all about it. Life’s too short to not enjoy those precious moments so seizing as many of them as I can is what I’ll be doing. Not going to lie it also helps that special occasions with my mom and I usually involve substituting a meal with ice cream so I’m of course game for that. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful, productive Saturday. I hope all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow and since it’s past midnight, happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing, wonderful, super women! Cheers. 


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