Day 134: Sunday May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I hope everyone was able to spend the day with their loved ones, and if not at least be able to speak with them. 

I’m fortunate enough to be incredibly close with my mom. My mom is more than my best friend, she’s my hero. Everything I have in life is because of her. She gave me my work ethic, my determination, my empathy, and of course the good stuff, my sass and sarcasm. 

I love Mother’s Day because it gives me a chance to make my mom put herself first. I try all the time to get her to do things for herself or think of herself first but I’m guessing as other moms out there know, you wonderful women don’t do that very well. It’s an unbelievably selfless character trait of the amazing mom, the inability to put herself first. So on Mother’s Day I take the option out of it. The least I can do is make it mandatory for my mom to put herself first at least once I year. I try to do it more for things whenever I can but I’m not always successful. So today and every other Mother’s Day I try and make it about her. It’s the least I can do to say thank you. 

Today was also about more renovation work. So many trips up and down the stairs moving things around to make sure everything is ready for when the work is to be done. On the bright side, once again all the up and down the stairs made for good leg work. 

I also made sure to take time for a good workout today. I needed the time to just clear my head so I did a killer arm and glute workout. It felt great getting my heart pumping and feeling that awesome muscle burn. I can feel myself getting stronger and I’m loving it. My progress is slow but I’m ok with slow progress as long as I’m not going backwards. 

I managed to do some meal prep for the week which is great. Breakfasts are all planned and ready to go and lunches and dinners for the most part are planned and prepped. 

Fingers crossed this week is going to be an awesome and productive one. Hope everyone’s had a wonderful day and here’s to starting the work week off tomorrow on a kickass note. Cheers!


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