Day 141: Sunday May 21, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I’m sorry I was radio silent yesterday, I’m still recovering so I wanted to take it easy. 

With the weather getting really nice lately I’ve been getting excited for some fresh flowers in the garden. I always love seeing fresh flowers on people’s lawns and front porches; always makes the air smell so lovely and the bright colours always put me in a good mood. Yesterday and today I went shopping for some flowers and got a bunch of gorgeous coloured flowers and hanging baskets. I also bought some pepper plants so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be eating delicious peppers I’ve managed to grow myself (fingers crossed they decide to grow).

I did some great yoga today too which was awesome. It was a nice slow practice mainly to work on my flexibility and releasing tension but I definitely needed it. I’m going to be taking things easy for a little bit as per doctor’s orders but I know yoga is going to keep me from getting rusty and making sure my muscles don’t quit on me. 

I had a nice afternoon hangout with my mom today. We hardly ever do extravagant but today was a bit of a celebration for me being healthy enough to be out of the hospital. We went to a spa and got pedicures. Oh my gosh it was incredibly relaxing. I’m always concerned with anything touching my feet because I’m so ticklish but this was perfectly relaxing. It was nice to just have time to relax and hangout with my mom, and get a nice pop of colour with some bright spring nail polish. 

Tomorrow is going to be my prepping day. Because of this wonderful long weekend I have an extra day to recharge and luckily an extra day to get organized. I’m going to plan my yoga workouts for the week, and get my meals all ready to go. Once everything is ready tomorrow it’ll be one less thing off my plate for the rest of the week and that works for me. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. Hope it was awesome and productive. Time to greet the incoming week with awesomeness, determination, and goal crushing on the brain. Cheers!


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