Day 144: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope everyone has had a fantabulous Wednesday. 

I must admit I am absolutely loving the weather these past two days. It has been warm and just sunny enough that I don’t have to worry about a sunburn (yay being so pale I basically glow in the dark). It is so nice getting outside when the weather is this lovely. I walked to work this morning as usual but took a longer way to get there just because I couldn’t get enough of the fresh air. Pretty much the same thing happened on my lunch break today. I scarfed down my lunch as fast as I could and I was out the door for a walk. I walked all around my work just soaking in the sun and fresh air. It was a little tricky not ducking into the restaurants to grab some delicious smelling food though I will confess. I managed to stay strong and didn’t go in for a bite, I just sustained myself with the delectable smells. 

I love my new earlier working schedule. I get so much done earlier than I’m used to and it’s lovely. When I got home today I had dinner and dove into some yoga practice. Today I did another nice slow beginner routine and loved it. My hip has been sore lately for some reason so I’m trying to stretch it without overdoing it but also don’t want it to get stuck from not moving enough. The yoga felt really nice on my back and legs today just with releasing the built up tension I’d gotten from my walks today. 

I also somehow managed to crank out some studying for work stuff, make sure all my food was ready for work tomorrow, shower, and pick out what I’m wearing to work tomorrow! How?! No idea let’s be honest; but I’m loving it anyway. I could totally get used to this early morning thing, I somehow seem to be most productive on those days. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday. Here’s to an equally wonderful and productive Thursday. 


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