Day 145: Thursday May 25, 2017

Sorry for not posting yesterday everyone. Yesterday was insanely hectic and by the time I got around to wanting to write, my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. On Thursdays I always get eager even in terms of work. I suppose it’s because I know the next day is Friday and I’m all about Friday. Work’s been slow lately (thank you broken technology) so I’ve been able to get all my work done way ahead of time. It can feel a little boring being done my tasks so quickly but on the bright side it has been giving me time to listen to podcasts and learn so much.

Because I knew yesterday was going to be insane I made sure to get in my cardio when I had the chance. Before work I took a longer walk and on lunch I went for a long walk to get in my steps and some awesome fresh air. Hopefully today is going to give me some time to get some weight training in. 
After work I got to celebrate an amazing friend of mine’s birthday and it was wonderful. It was just time for us to get together, have good food, awesome conversation, and watch some stressful hockey. She’s also incredible with computer systems and web design so I have her to thank for my beautiful website revamping. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful day and is ready to crush goals on Friday and end the work week on an awesome productive note. Cheers!


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