Day 147: Saturday May 27, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, rocking it as usual. 

It was reno central at my house today. I got up bright and early for some unknown reason but I was good to get in productive mode bright and early. 

I worked on the blog ALL DAY, and oh my gosh it was a lot of work. I worked on a bunch of different things within the website so it wasn’t tedious. It does feel good getting work done on my days off. Since this blog is just something I do for me I tend to not focus on it as much as I’d like to do it was wonderful having the time to fully dedicate to it. 

Our renovations are going wonderful. I love how they’re turning out. The only problem is that now that I’m seeing how beautiful it is I just want to renovate more. So if anyone finds a money tree let me know because I could use it for a new kitchen. 

I did manage to get in an awesome workout too which was great. I went for a yoga sequence that focused mainly on core balance. I also got in a killer arm workout. It was a nice break from sitting at my laptop. Needed the workout to not only strengthen my body but also to clear my head and focus. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. Hope it was productive, fun, relaxing, whatever you needed it to be. Here’s to an equally awesome Sunday. Cheers!


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