Day 152: Thursday June 1, 2017

Oh my it’s already June. How has five months of 2017 already gone by? How does time keep going so fast? It honestly feels like a month ago it was January 1st. 

**Confession time** 

I feel like I’m behind. I had such big aspirations for this year fitness wise and I just feel like I haven’t gotten where I want to be. That isn’t to say that I’ve avoided being active. I’ve actually started things I hadn’t like my lunch walks and that’s helped keep me motivated. Now I know I have a long way to go but I am going to get there. I just need to stay focused and make each decision the one that will get me closer to my goal. 

Ok back to reality now. Work was busy as usual so my lunch walk was a nice brain break for me. And to be completely honest, the work was a nice slower pace compared to the insanity of yesterday. 

After work it was home to work on the decluttering post-reno. It’ll be so nice having everything back to normal. I will say that this reno is helping to declutter the house. Before I put anything back I go through it to make sure I’m not keeping unnecessary things. Purging unnecessary things is helping me get back to basics. It’s making me get serious about what really matters to me and get rid of the rest. 

I cannot wait to see what the house looks like once I’ve gone through everything and cleared out the unnecessary. Stay tuned and we’ll see if any revelations or personal discoveries come out of this (as we know I look everywhere for a chance to learn something). Hope everyone’s had a wonderful day. Cheers!


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