Day 154: Saturday June 3, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful day. I always love the weekends. Even when they’re crazy busy they’re a time to decompress from the craziness of the week and I try to take as much advantage of them as I can. 

Today was an awesome day productivity-wise. For some reason I woke up before my alarm (I can always do it on the weekend but when I try to get up early on purpose during the week forget it). I did a ton of email and writing work through most of my morning. I find I’m most productive with my writing when I do it in the morning. I suppose it’s because I’m just up, energized, and my mind is fresh and ready to work. 

After I spent the morning writing I got to spend some time with family. For me, I usually spend at least a day with family. Having my family live so close makes that easy for us and I’m always thankful for that. 

Once I got home I needed to workout. I did a mix of everything today, no idea why but I just felt like mixing it up. I did some yoga, a little run, and some core training. I suspect I’ll be feeling the pain tomorrow but I am 100% ok with that. The workout pain means progress and I’m all for going in the right direction. 

Tomorrow will be my errands and prep day. I want to get all my food ready for the week and plan my workouts for the week. Get it all done before the week and it’ll save me tons of time later on. Also, once it’s already planned it’ll make it harder for me to get out of it and blame not knowing what to do. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. Here’s to an equally productive and awesome Sunday. Cheers!


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