Day 155: Sunday June 4, 2017

Happy Sunday evening everyone. And just like that another weekend is coming to a close. Today was a productive one on the work/house/errands side of things.

Sundays of course are prep days so I went out and got all my groceries. When I came home it was all prep for meals for the week. It’s so nice having them all out of the way. Now, all week I just have to grab the containers out of the fridge (that’s meal prep I can handle on a daily basis).

After meal prep it was trying to organize the disaster that is all my paperwork. With the renovation I’ve had to move everything and I decided that before I put things back I would actually organize them into a proper system. This was quite the undertaking. I never realized how much paperwork I accumulated all these years until I saw it all laid out in front of me. I decided to empty it all out and organize it from the beginning piece by piece. By the end of it it had taken me four hours, 10 folders, and tons of stealth to avoid paper cuts but I managed to get it all done. And the stuff I managed to throw out ended up being a huge pile so there goes unnecessary paperwork. Love getting rid of things I don’t need anymore. It’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and my mind gets clearer.

This week is going to be crazy as usual. The goal this week is to get my workouts in every day and really stay committed to my meal plan. With determination will come proper execution and that’s when you get results. For that reason I need to stay as focused as I can on where I want my fitness journey to go and my own decisions will get me there.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful productive weekend. Here’s to an awesomely productive week ahead. Cheers!


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