Day 156: Monday June 5, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful, productive Monday. Today was another dreary rainy Monday but that was not going to stop me from getting done what I needed to do (and in all honesty dancing in the rain feels more epic than dancing in the sun).

I’m in a new department at work, yet again, so the majority of my morning was getting the overview of my new responsibilities. The majority of my afternoon was spent getting the hang of all my new tasks. With all this new information bombarding my brain, my afternoon went by crazy fast.

It was nice today getting outside for my lunch walk simply for the sake of getting a mental break. The hectic nature of my morning had my brain feeling ever so slightly fatigued by lunch. So having that hour break where I got out to have some fresh air and cardio was the perfect break, for my body and brain.

I did something new today I’m really glad I did. My crazy-uncoordinated self took a Zumba class. Now I know many people will be like “oh don’t worry I’m clumsy too” guy trust me, I’m worse. I trip over my own feet. It’s bad. But I’ve always loved to dance so I decided to take the plunge and do it. I’m so glad I did! It was fast-paced, energetic, motivating, and insanely fun. I would definitely recommend Zumba for anyone who wants to get up and move and not feel like they’re being forced to do one of those boring workouts. I burned a ton of calories and had a great time doing it.

Taking today’s Zumba class reminded me of an episode of the Earn Your Happy podcast by Lori Harder I’d listened to recently. In the episode Lori talked about how if you really want to do something, start now. Even if it’s a small step towards your goal, start it now. Because in all reality, if you don’t start it now you never will. If you want something bad enough you will work your ass off to get there. Sure you’ll make mistakes or slip up along the way, that’s because you’re human, but you will work hard, put in the necessary effort and focus to achieve that goal. For me, this Zumba class was part of my goal to get in shape. I’ve been doing one form of exercise or another every day I’ve been able and this is one more step towards that goal.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday. Here’s to a new week of new goals, new challenges, discovering new strengths, and living new adventures. Cheers!

Earn Your Happy Podcast

Episode 127 Gratitude won’t be enough to last, you’re missing this:


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