Day 157: Tuesday June 6, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful productive day. 

A Break Can be a Good Thing

My day wasn’t too eventful work-wise which I’m totally ok with. Days with no crazy events tend to be few and far between so when they occur I’m more than happy to accept them. I am hoping exciting things are on the way but until they become certain I’ll be hush hush about it (half because it’s not 100% and half because I don’t want to jinx myself).

Yoga Time

I did get to do some yoga today which was nice. My hip has been sore lately so I haven’t run as much but I’m finding that yoga is helping to take the tension off my hip and allow more stretching and fluid movements. It feels awesome seeing my increase in strength, flexibility, and balance day to day. I know other people wouldn’t be able to see it but I can tell the difference and for that I’m proud. Slow and steady on my journey but with hard work I’ll get there. 

Wonder Woman Time 

I also got to see a friend today which was wonderful. A girlfriend and I went to see Wonder Woman. A little backstory: this is the friend who really got me into the comic. She introduced me to the comic and since then has bought me many different types of Wonder Woman memorabilia. Getting to see this movie was just another piece of the Wonder Woman collection. I absolutely loved the movie. It was a perfect mix of awesome, action, comedy, and general badassery. Can’t go wrong with all of that. Gal Gadot was absolutely perfect for the role. She was exactly what I’d always pictured the Wonder Woman of the big screen to be. I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for a good superhero flick. The jokes get you laughing, the action keeps you hooked, and the badass heroine makes you not want it to end. I can’t recommend this movie enough (and I swear it’s not just because she’s my favourite super hero and general queen of awesomeness).

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Tuesday. Here’s to Wednesday being equally awesome and productive (tomorrow’s hump day so channel your superhero strength to get through the rest of the week). Cheers!


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