Day 160: Friday June 9, 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday. My day was absolutely crazy. I’m guessing that because the weather’s been so nice that people were trying to avoid having to come in as long as they could but Friday must have been their deadline day because work was insanely busy all day. 

Just because my work was insane doesn’t mean I was allowed to be lazy and neglect my workouts. Because the weather was amazing I made sure to spend every second I could outside. I spent an extra long time walking to work to get as much fresh air in I could before work. I then managed to get out at lunch and get in an awesome 90 minute walk. I then even managed to get more walking in after work (a ton of cardio I know but the weather was just so perfect I couldn’t help it).

After work I needed to unwind from the craziness of the day. For me, getting a good meditation and yoga session in can’t be beat to get me back to where I need to be to feel my most whole. Meditation helps clear my mind and help me to really focus on what my body is needing while performing yoga. The yoga is so important for allowing me to really connect with my breathing, my body’s motions through the poses, and really just calming my whole being. 

I was also fortunate enough to spend some time with a girlfriend today. For me it’s critical to spend time with people who bring positive things and growth to my life. Life is too short to be spent with people who don’t bring good into your life. In that same way, I try to not discuss negative or useless things with friends when we are together. I’d much more like to discuss new and exciting upcoming adventures or challenges we’re facing than something shallow that may not even concern us. Girl time was perfect and oh so needed with the craziness going on. Doesn’t have to be fancy and doesn’t have to be long to be perfectly effective at boosting my energy, vibration, and mood. Thank you to awesome friends who are always there for me.  

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday. Here’s to an equally awesome weekend. Cheers!


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