Day 161: Saturday June 10, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful day. Today was a busy one but I’m getting into the mindset where being busy means I’m actively doing the things I want and that’s ok with me. 

Today was an awesome day delicious wise (I will admit not so nutritious wise). I went to a food festival with a friend and we didn’t skip out on the deliciousness. We had a few amazingly decadent treats who’s calorie and sugar count I wouldn’t even want to guess. That being said I did prepare for the indulging. I made sure to not eat very much prior to going to do my best at keeping my calorie count in check. As you guys know I don’t like skipping out on the fun stuff life has to offer but I know the importance of moderation. I didn’t go too crazy and made sure to not buy some for later so that the bad food decisions would just end after I left the festival and not last through the week (and the leftovers). Not only did I get to spend the day eating delicious food but I also got to spend quality time with a good friend. All in all I’d say the day was a success. 

After the festival and hangout I made sure to do lots of walking and yoga to at least try and offset the bad food choices. No need to beat myself up though, just make better decisions as the week progresses. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. Here’s to an equally awesome Sunday. Cheers!


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