Day 162: Sunday June 11, 2017

And just like that once again Sunday is upon us, little bugger. The weather was once again absolutely gorgeous today. Thank you summer for finally arriving. 

Today was so productive and I am way too happy about it. I woke up early enough that I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my morning (as opposed to what I wanted to do which was just lying in bed all cozy). I went out for groceries to then meal prep for the week. Sundays are my prep days so all I can get done on Sunday, I do it. I planned my meals for the week, I planned my workouts for the week, I made sure to get my stuff for work ready, it’s really anything I can do to not be rushing later on I’ll do it. 

After all the errands I needed a workout, so I decided to do some yoga. I’ve found a few sequences I really enjoy. These sequences are simple enough for a newbie like me that I can focus on really getting the poses correct and the core fundamentals before I move on to the more complicated stuff. I absolutely love seeing my progress from one day to the next. Even if it’s only being able to extend a half an inch on a pose I get excited (it’s the little things people). It’s become so important for me to focus on really looking for the positive things in my life. Even a small improvement on a yoga pose has the power to bring some positivity and good energy into my life. In turn, that happiness and good energy I’ve gained I can give back to those around me. What we give out we get back so the least I can do is give out the best positive energy and good vibes I can to receive that same energy from others in all aspects of my life. 

After yoga it was meal prep time. Now I get bored having the same kind of food everyday, is that just me or are there other people out there too who are like “yes I want to eat healthy and lose weight but chicken and rice everyday is sooooo boring”? Because I feel that, to my core. For this reason I look for different marinades I can make to go with my chicken, rice, and vegetables so that I am maintaining a healthy diet but still getting that variety. For me the really tricky meal is breakfast. I usually need a big breakfast or I’ll be starving an hour after I eat. Ok I shouldn’t say big breakfast, I need a nutrition packed breakfast. Because of my ridiculously demanding stomach I find oatmeal with nut butter and some fruit in the morning great for a filling breakfast. And because of the variety of nut butters and fruits out there you basically have a smorgasbord of breakfast choices. When in doubt though, go to Pinterest. I always find tons of ideas for meals; like delicious smoothie breakfast bowls, overnight oats, and healthy pancakes. You really can’t lose once Pinterest is involved. The real challenge is stopping once you’ve gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Hope your Sunday was productive, awesome, relaxing, whatever you needed it to be. Here’s to an upcoming week of awesomeness where ideas will come to fruition, goals will be crushed, and new adventures started. Cheers!

Yoga Sequence: 

– downward dog 

– 3-legged dog 

– Warrior I

– Extended side angle 

– Plank 

– Downward dog 

– Wide-legged forward bend 

– Standing half-forward bend 

– Tree pose 

– Warrior I

– Warrior II

– Reverse warrior 

– Warrior III

– Crescent lunge 

– Cat-cow pose

– Camel pose 

– Child’s pose


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