Day 163: Monday June 12, 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful, productive Monday. Sorry for not posting yesterday you guys but yesterday was a mix of all things crazy and body hiccups so I didn’t get around to writing anything. 

I’m excited you guys, it feels like summer has finally arrived. It’s been crazy hot for a few days in a row now and I absolutely love it. For me, the hotter then better. I have such crappy circulation that my hands get cold from even decent temperatures so this heat is making me super happy. Now I know the heat can be bad for people with breathing difficulties or for the young and the old so for those people who can’t truly enjoy the heat that I apologize for. But if you’re a bundler in the winter like me (shirt, sweatshirt, then winter coat, am I right?) then you’ll know why I love this weather so much. Every morning with this heat I’ve just sat outside and really appreciated it. I felt the heat on my skin, the sunlight on my face, the smells of Spring. It is truly wonderful. 

Taking the time to find the good in every day is an essential part of my life. It doesn’t have to be a big gratitude practice at all. Just find something as often as you can to be grateful for. When you focus on looking for the good things, the more you’ll see them and trust me, that will turn around your whole world view. 

Not only did I get my usual walks in yesterday but I got to do it with a friend. Before work I walked extra long to get there just so I could enjoy the amazing weather. Starting the day off with some fresh air wakes me up and gets me in the productive state of mind. Even if you can’t get out for a walk or an outdoor workout, try to spend time outside in the morning. Even if it’s coffee on your front step before you leave for work, the fresh air will wake you up, I promise. Try it. Start the day with some fresh air. What are your morning wake up rituals? What goes you ready to go out and get stuff done? 

At lunch I was able to go for a wonderful walk with a girlfriend. It was such a wonderful work break. We got in some exercise and discussed some marvellous ideas. We discussed where we’re at in our businesses, what our next adventures will be, what’s new and exciting for us. I love getting together with my girlfriends because we are so authentic with each other. It is not about gossip with us. It is about truth. We talk about what really matters to us. We talk about what makes us excited and teaches us how we can grow. Focusing on improvement and conquering challenges and undertaking adventures is another thing I find essential to focus on. Focus on the stuff that excites you and you’ll get even more excited. Don’t focus on what’s going wrong, focus on what’s going right. When you focus on the positive, new solutions will appear I promise. The more you focus on your passions, the more your passions will be able to grow and in turn you’ll grow along with them. Now that’s something to get excited about.

After work was yoga time. I have officially jumped on the yoga bandwagon. Yoga is now an essential part of my daily practice. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally suck at it. I’m new at this so my balance is sub-par, my poses need work, and I know my flow can be improved. But here’s the thing, I love every moment of it. Every pose is a different opportunity for me to learn. It’s teaching me how to focus on the task at hand. It’s teaching me how to get connected with my whole being and the environment directly around me. It sounds like a huge thing to ask from a simple yoga pose but I swear it’s true. Now for me it’s yoga but for you it could be going for a run, bike ride, or taking a class. Whatever it is find the thing that makes your soul want more, and do it. Making your soul happy will make your whole being happy that you can give back to those around you. And the more we give back positivity to the universe and those around us, the more we get it back. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday. Here’s to having an equally productive, kick ass, awesome week. Cheers!


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