Day 165: Wednesday June 14, 2017

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA everyone. My medical condition decided to rear its ugly head yesterday and it wasn’t giving up without a fight. 

On days when my condition decided it needs to crash the party, affirmations are key. I know I can’t fix my condition on my own (sadly I’m not that magical) but I can tolerate it better by having the right state of mind. So while at work yesterday I focused on the good. I focused on staying positive and getting through the day. 

Unfortunately my body wasn’t feeling the affirmations and I went downhill throughout the day so right offer work I got to spend some quality time at the hospital. Now if you’re needing perspective, the Emergency Room is a good place to find it. Even in my state of feeling like crap and needing to get the issue resolved, I realized that there were people there in worse conditions than myself and I was fortunate enough to have access to this health care and for the most part my health, and that is something to be thankful for. 

I spent my night in the ER so really nothing too exciting. I will say that I am incredibly thankful for the advancements in modern medicine. In the past, if there had been an issue I’d require surgery but instead it’s just a quick (sometimes not so quick but hey it’s better than surgery) visit to get it fixed and I’m back out living life. So I got home in the wee hours of the morning and majorly crashed in my bed. Am I the only one who adores that falling into the bed feeling after an insane day? What gets you guys that feeling of “ahh” and pure happiness after a crazy day?

Needless to say with my body on revolt, exercise was out of the question yesterday. Today however I needed to do something, nothing too crazy I promise. I did a nice relaxed yoga flow and loved every second of it. Today I focused on moving slowly and smoothly through each pose and was making sure to concentrate on my breathing. It was just what I needed after the insanity and stress of the hospital to calm my body and get me back and grounded. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Tuesday and Wednesday. Here’s to the rest of the week being productive, awesome, and warm (if you’re like me and can’t get enough of it). Cheers!


– Prayer pose 

– Warrior 

– Warrior I 

– Downward dog 

– Eight point pose 

– Cobra pose 

– Cat pose 

– Cow pose 

– Downward dog 

– Warrior I

– Warrior 

– Back bend 

– Prayer pose 


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