Day 166: Thursday June 15, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope everyone’s had an awesome day. My week’s been a little insane and I didn’t want to jinx anything before it was official but now that it is here goes, tomorrow is my last day at my job. Monday I’m starting a new chapter in my work life and I cannot wait. 

Here comes the confession

I am a stress eater. There I said it. When I’m stressed, I eat. Doesn’t matter if it’s salty, sweet, chocolately, hot, cold, whatever. If I’m stressed out and there’s junk food in the house, I’ll eat it. I hate it but it’s true. I am trying to resolve this issue and find better ways of coping that’s for sure. Most times when I’m stressed I can deal with it pretty well but these past few weeks it’s just been everything building up and this week it all hit a head and I kinda just let the floodgates open (and by floodgates I mean ice cream and pop tarts). 

The more you prepare healthy food for yourself to snack on, the more you’ll avoid the unhealthy choices. I hear that all the time and it really does help. For the most part I prep my meals so I have everything ready ahead of time (saves decisions and time) as you guys already know. I’m seeing how much it reduces unhealthy snacking this week more than ever when you have everything healthy ready at your disposal. Not only that but I need to remove temptation. Getting the unhealthy treats out of my house will be the next step, out of sight out of mind. That way, I’ll need to look for healthy snack alternatives. 

To offset the junk food I’ve had throughout the week I’ve gone for at least one walk at lunch and done a mix of weights and yoga once I get home. This is one thing I’m excited about for the new job. I’ll be working closer to home which means a shorter commute to work. With more free time I can now spend it working out at home (cue excited dance). I’m even contemplating getting up at the same time I do now so that I can do some yoga before work. I know if you’d asked my friends a few months ago they would have told you that idea would have never been on my mind but I’ve been trying to change that “workout sucks” mindset to more of a “working out helps me achieve the healthy strong body I want” and that change takes some work. So anytime I’m convivially aware of a negative thought related to working out I just replace it with that “working out helps me achieve the healthy strong body I want” mantra and get to work. 

I can’t believe tomorrow’s Friday. And the last day of my job. Not going to lie I am slightly freaking out. I’m not so much scared as I am excited. It’s going to be a new adventure with new challenges and so many things to learn. I’m just so thankful for this past job and all the experience I’ve gained and how much it will help me in the future. Cheers everyone, here’s to an awesome epic Friday. 


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