Day 167: Friday June 16, 2017

TGIF everyone! I hope everyone has had an awesome, productive day. This week has been crazy and getting through today was the final step for surviving the week. 

Today was my last day at work and boy it feels good. I’m so grateful for everything this job has brought into my life. I have made wonderful friendships, gained so much experience, and learned an immeasurable amount of things. I know all the work I’ve done at this job will be useful in so many ways for my career in the future. 

I cannot wait to start my new job. It’s going to be all checkmarks in the pro column with this one. In my desired field ✅ benefits ✅ vacation ✅ salary✅ shorter commute ✅. It’s all coming up roses over here and I love it. I’m ecstatic for this new opportunity and where it leads. I know I will learn so much and never have a dull moment. 

With the craziness of the week, yoga was a necessity after work. It wasn’t anything too crazy because I’m dead exhausted (ok lazy feeling too not gonna lie) but I needed to do some yoga to unwind. My brain needed to get clear and I needed to get focused on getting calmed and connected after the insanity of this week. 

Hope everyone’s had a great Friday. Hope everyone has an equally fantastic weekend; whether it be relaxing, busy, or a mix of both. Cheers!


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