Day 168: Saturday June 17, 2017

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It appears that summer is officially upon us and it is absolutely wonderful. 

This weekend is the weekend for all things preparation. As I’m starting my new job on Monday I needed to revamp my wardrobe (because much to my chagrin sweat pants and pjs aren’t proper work attire, I’m shattered). I’d been going shopping throughout the week after work to try and find clothes but I’d been missing the mark. It was getting seriously discouraging finding gorgeous outfits and having them not fit properly; like dangling a treat in front of me and snatching it away. Luckily Saturday is apparently code for shopping success day because I hit the jackpot. I got some absolutely gorgeous summer stuff and I will admit the main reason I bought one of the dresses was because it was insanely fun to twirl in (I’m an adult I swear). 

I was so busy running around and shopping that I pretty much forgot to do my planned workout. Instead, I just did an improvised yoga flow and it felt splendid. I guess with all the stress and excitement of a new job my body is just as stressed as my brain so the relaxation and focus of the yoga was just what the doctor ordered. With all the shopping and walking around I hit my step quota too so it was a successful day all around. 

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. Hope you’re all crushing goals, being productive, relaxing, doing whatever you’d had planned. Here’s to an equally awesome rest of the weekend. Cheers! 


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