Day 169: Sunday June 18, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone’s had an awesome weekend. Once again for me the weekend’s gone by in the blink of an eye. This weekend however I’m finally excited for Monday to arrive. 

I start my new job tomorrow and I cannot wait. I’ve been working towards an opportunity like this for quite some time and now that it’s finally arrived I’m all excitement. I’m now experiencing that mix of excitement and nervousness that accompanies any new adventure. It’s not so much fear as it is anticipation of the unknown. All I can do now is get a good night sleep and go in tomorrow and bring my A game (and killer first day of work outfit). 

I made sure to get all my planning and prep for the week done as much as I could. I got my meal prep for the week done which is great, always one less thing to worry about throughout the week. 

With all the nervous energy I had today I decided to get it out with workouts. I did my usual yoga but included an arm workout just to get that extra something in. It felt great being able to note more progress with my yoga sequence and feeling strength while doing my arm workout. I can’t wait for this new job for a workout reason also. I’ll have more time to do workouts and really focus on my fitness routines. Can’t wait. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome, productive weekend. Here’s to the upcoming week where goals will hunted, challenges crushed, and all around awesomeness had. Cheers!

Arm workout 5lb 8 reps x 3 sets

– bicep curl 

– 45 degree bicep curl 

– Tricep kickback 

– Lateral raise 

– Overhead press 

– Push press

– Hammer curls 

– Front raise 

– Shoulder press

– Bent over row 

– Shoulder shrug 

– Stiff-legged deadlift 

Yoga flow 

– open lizard 

– Extended wide squat 

– Head to knee 

– Butterfly 

– Standing side bend 

– Crescent lunge 

– Downward dog 

– Downward dog split

– Cobra 

– Cat / cow 

– Windshield wiper 

– Yogi squat 

– Side stretch pose 

– Warrior I

– High lunge

– Side lunge 

– Reverse warrior 

– Extended side angle pose 

– Seated forward bend 

– Plank 

– Elbow plank 


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