Day 170: Monday June 19, 2017

Happy fresh start Monday everyone! I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend and fabulous Monday. 

Today was my first day at my new job and from start to finish it was a wonderful day. I got up early and did some wake up yoga. It was a perfect way to start the day, opening my mind, body, and soul to positivity first thing in the morning got me in the perfect mindset to take on this new job. I’ve really been using mantras lately to get into the right frame of mind for the new, challenging adventures that come along. 

Work absolutely flew by. This new job is exactly in the field I’ve always wanted to work in. I can’t wait to really get started (once all the lovely training we always have to do when starting a new job is over). There’s just so much about this job I have to be thankful for. Once I changed my mindset the good really did find me. I worked really hard applying to a ton of jobs before this but nothing really came about. Now however, I’m focusing on the good I have in my life and this job is a big part of that. 

After work the good just kept on coming. To celebrate I went out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants (gooooo Greek food). After dinner I was absolutely stuffed so I desperately needed to get some cardio in. I did an awesome Zumba class and some stretching after to get rid of feeling like a stuffed turkey. 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful start to the week. Here’s to a week full of awesomeness, productivity, and adventure. Cheers!


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