Day 175: Saturday June 24, 2017

Happy weekend everyone. Hope everyone’s had a wonderful Saturday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, thank you Mother Nature for the beautiful weather today. 

I didn’t do as much today as I’d have liked, I was really in that lazy weekend mode. I did just sit out on the deck for a little just to soak in the sun and do a quick meditation. Feeling the warm air, sun on my face, hearing the birds singing, perfect. 

I did some things for work today too (yes it’s Saturday I know but the nerd in me runs deep). I have a lot to go over for work on Monday but I want to at least get a hang of stuff as fast as I can. I know this job is a wonderful opportunity and if I can do everything in my power to do the best I can for it that’s what I intend to do (insert determined game face). 

I did an awesome workout today also which felt great. I’ve really stuck with my yoga practice and am loving the improvement. I’ve been focusing on a core group of simple poses to get my yoga fundamentals strong before I try anything fancy because let’s face it I’m a klutz so if I did something complicated there’s a near 100% chance I’d hurt myself. 

Hope everyone’s had a fabulous Saturday. Whether it was working, with friends or family, lounging around, or going on an adventure, I hope you guys had a fantastic productive day. Cheers!


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