Day 176: Sunday June 25, 2017

And just like that Sunday is upon us. Hope everyone’s had a fabulous weekend. Today the weather was all over the place with the thunder storming and then being sunny for a few minutes then thunder storming again so I decided to do tons of stuff around the house. 

I did all my errands first thing in the morning. I always try and get groceries done first thing because it always seems to be crazy busy later in the day. Since I had my meal plan all set up it made getting my stuff easy. It saves me so much time even grocery shopping when I’ve got my meals all planned out. I don’t have to go up and down the aisles looking for what to buy or get ideas, I just go where I need and get out (insert “girl on a mission” face).

I also did some prep for work tomorrow. I have a ton of paperwork and information to go over so I wanted to get all my stuff organized at home so I would be all ready and good to go Monday morning. The more I have things planned out and organized the less I’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, because there are certainly better ways to get in a good cardio workout than sheer disorganized stress. 

I was feeling so lazy this afternoon after being so productive in the morning, not going to lie I considered a nap. But rather than listen to my inner sloth, I decided to get off my butt and get in an awesome workout. I did a mix of cardio and strength training. It was a perfect 20 minute workout that worked all muscle groups, didn’t feel like a long tenuous workout, and still left me sweating like crazy by the end. 

Workout: (perform one round of exercises for 1 minute and repeat 3x)

1. Side to side squat kick: this one is a core and leg blaster for sure. It was important to make sure I kept my squat form in check. Even though my legs were burning like crazy I didn’t want to do subpar squats and cheat myself the full benefits of the exercise. It was just about staying focused on why I’m doing this, to get the healthiest, strongest body I can. 

2. Dumbbell 45 degree bicep curls: this is a great variation of the normal bicep. This exercise really had me feeling the burn in my triceps. Going through the motion steady and not loosely really had my feeling the full effect (I know I’ll be feeling that burn tomorrow and I’m 100% good with that).

3. Squat Jump tap: and we’re back with more squats. This one was killer for the legs. Not only was there the squat which let’s face it always kills, but there’s the follow through with the jump at the end of each squat. That’s where the real hard work was. It was awesome feeling the power of jumping after each squat even when my legs started to feel like jello. 

4. Reach and row: this exercise was great for the arms. The row motion was really felt in my whole arm with each rep. And having to stay in the bent position was great for engaging my core. 

5. Low plank leg lift: planks are always evil to me. It’s so important to engage the core when doing them and man do I suck at it. I am trying to really improve my planks and all the variations that go along with it. The leg lifts really had me keeping my core as tight as I could and trying my best to maintain my (horrible) balance. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome, productive weekend. Here’s to starting the week off on the right foot. This week is going to be fantastic; goals are going to be set, challenges will be crushed, and overall awesomeness will be had. Cheers!


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