Day 177: Monday June 26, 2017

Happy Monday everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the work week. Can’t believe it’s almost July, how is school already out and it already officially summer? 

Today was productivity central and it was awesome. All day at work I was focused on getting done as much work i could. I still have a ton of training to do but staying focused on the task really kept me going. We all know training is never really that exciting but with all the new information I’ve been getting my brain is on overdrive, but in the best way possible. This new job is certainly different from my past jobs. Not even considering what the job itself entails, the work environment is completely different. It is such a warm, supportive environment. Any question I have I know I’ll have it explained to me in a way that I’ll understand and not feel like I’m being a nuisance or delay for anyone. I know this job will be a place for me to grow both professionally and personally.

Today rocked on the workout side of things (I’m thinking it’s the motivation still coming from yesterday and I’m totally good with just going with it. An amazing thing about my new job is that it has a full gym and I can use it whenever I want, for FREE! This is the best thing because all those excuses I had for why I can’t workout no longer apply. If I can’t go down a flight of stairs to workout for an hour it isn’t because I can’t, it’s because I don’t want to. So today at work I did a treadmill workout. It was a perfect way to break up my day and keep me motivated to finish the day off focused.

After work I did Workout 2 from the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge. I absolutely love these workouts. They’re quick, fun, and work every muscle until you’re feeling the burn.  

Workout (perform each exercise for 45 seconds and do the set 3 times):

1. Squat Press: this exercise was killer on my legs and gluteus. Squats are always one of my favourite exercises. They’re easy to do, there are tons of variations, and you’ll feel the burn. The extra step with the press gives you that smooth follow through motion and gives your arms that extra workout.

2. Dumbbell rear delt fly & donkey kick: this exercise was all about form for me. Keeping my core engaged with each rep and making sure my kicks didn’t become weak little flutters by the end of each set (I won’t lie my legs and glutes were getting tired towards the end).

3. Sumo arching squat: This exercise is a great variation of a regular squat. The wider set of the sumo squat works a different part of my legs so having the two types gets my legs feeling on like they’re on fire (it’s awesome). The addition of the weighted arch at the end once again gives that smooth through motion and that extra workout for the arms. 

4. High Climbers: This exercise is seriously evil, not gonna lie. The constant back and forth with my legs and making sure not to get lazy but go into proper form with each rep was killer. If any exercise is going to have my body feeling sore tomorrow it’ll be this one.

5. Chatarunga belly push-up: This exercise was probably the most fun. I suck at pushups so finding any variation I can work with while trying to build up my pathetically sad upper body strength works with me. This push up variation is great because it feels more like a yoga move than a psh up. You get the fluid flow through motion of a yoga pose with just some additional work for your arms (which in my case they desperately need).

Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the week. Here’s to a Tuesday of equal productivity, adventure, goal setting, and of course, awesomeness. Cheers!


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