Day 179: Wednesday June 28, 2017

Body Blahs

Happy Hump Day everyone. I’m so sorry for not posting yesterday. I was having an awesome productive day, got in an awesome workout (a cardio session at the gym at work, and a full body workout when I got home from work: squat Press, rear felt fly and donkey kick, high Climbers, sumo squats, and chatarunga belly push ups). My Wednesday was solid until about 7:00pm when my body decided to just quit on me. I got so sick so fast I basically had just finished my shower after my workout and fell into bed. Luckily today was a more productive day. 

Work Whirlwind 

Today was a crazy busy day at work. I had a crash course training day today at it was awesome. I was bombarded with information and my brain felt like it was in overdrive but in the best way possible. For months I had felt bored and unchallenged at work. In this new environment I know I’ll be dealing with new information, processes, and continuously learning. For me, this is what makes a career I want to stay in; an environment where I’ll be continuously learning, being challenged, and being able to contribute to something bigger than myself. 

Fabulous Fitness 

I had a great workout at lunch today as well, this having a gym at work is a major highlight of this job for sure. I once again did some cardio (gotta love that love/hate relationship with the treadmill). But if those treadmill walks will get me my 10 000 steps a day I shall grin and bear it. I also did some free weights just to get my arms feeling extra rubbery. 

Sweat and Success

After work I came home and immediately did another workout (decided to just crank it out to make sure I wouldn’t lose my momentum). I did another one of those short 20 minute workouts and it was a killer, in the best way possible of course. I love those 20 minute workouts. They’re the perfect amount of time and you’re still sweating buckets and feeling exhilarated and accomplished by the end. 

Workout: each exercise for 45 seconds x 3 sets

1. Flying push up: this is an upper body / core crusher. The push up aspect of course gets your arms burnin and the bringing your body back up in the “fly” position keeps the core engaged and completely burning. 

2. Split jumps: these of course got my legs burning. Also, the need to keep balance while going from one squat to another means my core was kept right the entire time, can you say feel the burn. 

3. Tricep kickbacks: this exercise is one of my favourite free weight exercises to do. It gets my triceps burning (a muscle group I find hard to target with good exercises) and the stance keeps my core, glutes, and legs engaged

4. Prone jack pop up: this is a killer on the glutes. It really doesn’t sound like a hard exercise, basically a plank jumping jack, but oh man does it get the glutes and legs burning. 

5. Dumbbell squat and reverse lunge: this is a great combination exercise. The dumbbell press and squat gives your upper body, core, and legs a workout and the fluid motion into the reverse lunge after each squat keeps your whole core engaged throughout the entire exercise. 

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful day. Here’s to tomorrow being equally productive. Let’s have a Thursday filled with goal setting, challenge crushing, productivity, and general awesomeness. Cheers!


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