Day 180: Thursday June 29, 2017

Happy pre-Friday everyone. Hope everyone’s had an awesome productive day. It’s crazy rainy here yet again. I swear we’ve had more rainy days than sunny ones so far in both May and June; my body is seriously craving some vitamin D. 

I can’t believe I’ve already been at my new job almost two weeks. Taking this new opportunity is something that has felt nothing but right since the moment I signed my letter of offer. Now don’t get me wrong I did have that new job momentary panic. Starting a new job is always nerve wracking at first; all those thoughts of will I be good enough, what if this is a mistake, what if I screw up, we’re going through my head. Everyone’s had those moments; the moment you decide to do something and become absolutely terrified you made the wrong decision. The truth is, the good stuff is always scary at first. We all get that type of “buyer’s remorse”. The important step is coming back and remembering why you made this leap and that this decision is a necessary step for you to be on the right path. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t a gym day at work for me today. I had an appointment so rather than spend extra time avoiding responsibilities (we all think like that sometimes you know I’m right), I just did work once I got back to the office after my appointment. The good thing is I was so busy I didn’t feel like the afternoon was a long one. 

After work I managed to get in an awesome quick workout. Thank you again to Lori Harder for these amazingly effective workouts. Each time I do one of her workouts my body feels it in every muscle group, I feel stronger, and despite it being a workout, I’m smiling through the whole thing. These workouts make me want to do them again. After each one, rather than feel defeated I feel energized and accomplished. It’s a wonderful feeling. 


Butt kickers

Right/Left Pendulum lunges

V ups

Jumping Jacks

Kneeling Back and Glute Extensions 

Tomorrow’s Friday (woohoo)! It really is nice having this shift occur in my life where now I’m just excited for the weekends because I get time off to do more things with friends and family rather than because I would rather be doing anything but work. Hope everyone’s had a great day. Cheers!


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