Day 182: Saturday July 1, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. If you’re in Canada like me, hope you’ve had a splendid and safe Canada Day. 

It’s been raining on and off all day which makes me feel bad for anyone who was out and about celebrating today. It can put a damper on things when you’re soaking wet but hey, from the looks of things from around the country, and even around the world, people were finding ways to celebrate today.

I celebrated today of course by donning red. I just recently added some red clothes to my wardrobe. It was crazy, a few years ago I’d looked through my closet for something to wear for Canada Day and I didn’t have anything red. That was simply unacceptable so I went out, found some red tops (bonus that they’re fancy enough for work). Now I’ve got red for that one day a year it’s almost required. 

Because today marks the 150th Canada Day, many people were going out for big celebrations around the city to mark this momentous occasion, and to be completely honest, I just really wasn’t interested. Now don’t get me wrong I am all about celebrating this day. I am so proud to be Canadian and love my country for all the wonderful things that make it my home. I just knew that it was going to be insane with crowds today and I knew I could still have a wonderful time celebrating closer to home.  

I spent most of the day writing. I woke up feeling totally inspired and focused so I just sat down and started writing. I spent hours brainstorming and writing and it was awesome. I got so much planing done for tons of posts so getting that much work done feels like an accomplishment for today.  

Later on in the afternoon it was time to celebrate. I got to spend the evening celebrating with my family which was perfect with me. I’m so lucky to have all my family so close and being able to celebrate this awesome day with them made this Canada Day even more special. 

I also got to see some great fireworks. I know I didn’t go out for them but there’s always people in our neighbourhood that do some for Canada Day. So I got to sit in my room, look out at the sky and see some beautiful fireworks. Not too shabby. I even was able to catch a Facebook Live of the fireworks at Parliament Hill, they were gorgeous. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome day. Wherever you are I hope you have a productive, fun, relaxing, whatever you need rest of your weekend. Cheers! 


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