Day 183: Sunday July 2, 2017

Gotta love the weekends. I love the flow of the weekends. I usually have a ton of stuff to do but I don’t feel rushed or stressed about it. The weekends are my recharge days, the days I can reconnect with nature and focus on the importance of my health and getting my energy back up.

It rained on and off all day yet again. The rain does give me a good excuse to get stuff done in the house though. I did some cleaning and then got back to writing. I’ve been writing a lot lately, I guess I’ve been inspired and I’m good with that. With this new job I’ve had energy when getting home from work and I’ve been using that energy to focus on working out and writing. It really is awesome when you have the energy to get things done outside of work rather than getting home feeling completely drained.

I did some yoga today and oh my gosh did it feel awesome. Guys I think I’m officially addicted to yoga. I’m new at it so I’m not remotely good at it and let’s face it my balance is horrendous but I love it just the same. I’ve been practicing a ton of beginner poses and flows and I can feel the improvement day by day and it’s fabulous. 

I’ve also been a part of the Journey Junkie community since starting yoga and it is fabulous. It is such a welcoming community of fellow yoga lovers. The woman/badass yogi behind this community is Allie Van Fossen and I adore her. Her yoga videos on YouTube are so helpful for beginners like me. Allie is also one half of the duo behind the fabulous Truth and Dare Podcast. Allie along with Carly Talbott run the awesome Truth and Dare podcast which is really a podcast for anyone trying to improve themselves, either through yoga, business, any aspect of health, or really anyone who knows they’re an inner badass. So to mix the best of both worlds, I did some beginner yoga while listening to the Truth and Dare podcast, it was wonderful. 

Hope everyone’s had a fantastic Sunday. I’m really fortunate that I have Monday off so it’s a long weekend for me (cue happy dance). I plan on doing a lot of writing and some work outside if the rain decides to stop. Have a wonderful, productive week ahead everyone. Cheers!

Truth and Dare podcast:

The Journey Junkie YouTube channel:

Truth and Dare Facebook:


Truth and Dare Podcast: truthanddaremovement

The Journey Junkie (Allie Van Fossen): thejourneyjunkie


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