Day 185: Tuesday July 4, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone!! So this post is going to be a little different than my usual. Today is a big day for me and it’s for a little reason. But if life so far has taught me anything it’s that it’s too short not to enjoy those little moments.

Today I noticed some tone in my arms I hadn’t noticed before. Now yes I know, arm tone, it’s no six pack, but it’s a big deal for me. I’ve had so many hiccups with working out and health issues sticking around and popping up at inconvenient times that any step in the right direction is one I’m going to get excited about.

I’ve really been sticking to my workout regimen lately and it is paying off. I’ve been redoing the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge and mixing that with some HIIT and yoga just to make sure I mix things up and don’t get bored. I’ve realized that I need the variety and the quick pace of these workouts or I get bored and when I get bored I don’t stay committed. With these workouts I get in a killer workout and that sense of accomplishment upon finishing one feels awesome.

Now the changes aren’t just physical ones I’m noticing. I can now hold yoga poses longer, lift heavier weights, squat deeper, there’s just improvement I’m noticing and I honestly can’t be happier. Now I know it’ll be a little time before anyone around me notices physical changes but I’m hooked. I read somewhere that once you notice the changes on yourself that’s when you get hooked and it couldn’t be more right. I’m now hooked on the results. I’m hooked on how good it feels to finish a killer workout. I’m hooked on bettering myself, body, mind, and soul. I know it’ll take a while but I’m committed to it. I will achieve this goal. I will get the strong beautiful body I’m working so hard for. 

Today’s workout was Day 2 of my 30 Day Yoga Pose Journey with Day 1 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Workout Challenge.

Journey Junkie Day 2: plank pose

With the YouTube tutorial on the Journey Junkie page it has occurred to me that holy crap when you do plank pose with proper form it can seriously kick your ass. The tutorial was so helpful at breaking down the pose and taking it step by step to make sure it was done correctly. I got it done (and will for sure feel the burn tomorrow) but I certainly have work to do. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s pose will be.
Thank you to these wonderful women for all they do. Thank you for the podcasts that motivate me and teach me something new every time I listen. Thank you for the workouts you share that make me want to workout rather than dread them. Thank you for connecting me with such amazing people with whom I can share my challenges, goals, aspirations, and just general awesomeness. Thank you. 

Journey Junkie (Plank Pose):

Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge: Day 1

Side to side squat kicks

45 degree bicep curls

Squat jump tap

Reach and row

Low plank leg lift


Allie Van Fossen: thejourneyjunkie

Lori Harder: loriharder 


The Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder

Truth and Dare with Allie Van Fossen and Carly Talbott

Truth and Dare: 


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