Day 186: Wednesday June 5, 2017

Hey everyone, sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday. Apparently I was so tired that I wrote everything but fell asleep before hitting post. Oops. But whatcha going to do? A tired body wants its sleep. 

It was a crazy busy day and I love it. I’m getting in the rhythm of things and soaking up all the information I can. It definitely makes the day go by faster when you’re busy with tons of tasks and continuously learning. 

Of course I went to the gym at lunch. It honestly is such a useful aspect of my day. I not only get in exercise but I get time to clear my head and refocus to take on the afternoon. 

The afternoon absolutely flew by so as soon as I got home I was buzzing with motivation and energy so it was time to workout again. It was so beautiful outside that I decided to do a yoga flow in my backyard. It felt so grounding just moving my body how it wanted to go, all the while feeling the fresh air flow around me and the glorious warm sun beating down on my face. I also decided to do a quick workout from the LH 14 Day Challenge. Honestly I felt so energized I just didn’t want to stop. 

It really is true that it’s easier to move once you start. In my last job I was just so drained and exhausted throughout the day and that even carried over to after work. I’d get home with no motivation and feeling absolutely exhausted. Is this conducive to working out? Of course not. But oh my how things have changed. 

Now when I get home I want to move. I want to do yoga, or do cardio, or some weight training, anything that’ll keep me moving. So that’s just what I did today. I did the day 3 pose for the Journey Junkie pose journey and oh my was that an eye opener. Honestly I thought I was decent body strength wise. Man was I wrong. Today’s pose was Chatarunga and holy crap that one’s killer. I did my best and made sure to watch Allie’s explanation video but I still have a ton of work to do. I will get there. I’m setting the goal that by the end of this 30 day yoga challenge I will be able to rock this pose. I know it’ll require me to work my ass off and continuously practice but I want this success so I’ll make it happen. 


Yoga flow – 25 minutes (plus about 25 mosquito bites)

Treadmill – 40 minutes 

LH 14 Day Challenge workout 2: squat press, dumbbell rear delt fly with donkey kick, sumo arching squat, high Climbers, chatarunga belly push up 

30 day yoga pose journey: chatarunga dandasana

Hope everyone’s had an awesome day. Here’s to the rest of the week being full of goal setting, challenge crushing, and overall awesomeness. Cheers!


Allie Van Fossen: thejourneyjunkie

Lori Harder: loriharder 

Truth and Dare: truthanddaremovement

The Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder

Truth and Dare with Allie Van Fossen and Carly Talbott

Truth and Dare: 


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