Day 187: Thursday June 6, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope everyone is rocking their week, and remember tomorrow’s Friday so YOU CAN DO IT!!! (Insert epic cheerleader dance, I’m cheering us on because I don’t have an adorable motivational puppy to do that for me). This week is totally flying by and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting stuff done at work instead of just that sitting there trying to soak all the information in thing.

Work was hectic, and productive so I’m counting it as a success. There was so much to do today that I didn’t actually eat my lunch until 3:00pm. I was so busy doing stuff that I didn’t even feel hungry until my stomach started to sound like an angry grizzly bear fighting a whale that I figured I should eat something. On the bright side, when I’m doing so many things and being so busy the days just fly by.

I made sure to go to the gym at work on my supposed lunch break. Getting in a workout half way through the day is awesome. I’ve become addicted to it now. I feel so energized and focused that taking on the afternoon doesn’t feel like much work at all.

When I got home, it was time for workout #2. My back is a little mad at me today for some reason so i decided to focus on cardio. I did Day 4 of the Journey Junkie 30 Day Challenge and it was Downward Facing Dog day. It felt awesome just really learning the proper form of the pose and focusing on technique. This challenge has already helped me learn how technical yoga is. There are so many specifics that need to be focused on for each position to ensure that it’s performed correctly to get the maximum benefit. After my yoga pose challenge it was time to do a Lori Harder challenge workout. I know this will sound crazy but these workouts really are fun. They’re easy to do, finished quickly, and super effective (seriously guys like my whole body feels mad at me, in the best way possible).

30 day pose journey Day 4: downward facing dog

LH Cardio Workout (perform each exercise for 45 seconds, x 3 sets)

Butt kickers

Pendulum lunges

V ups

Jumping jacks 

Kneeling back and glute extensions

Treadmill 30 minutes

Hope everyone’s had an awesome productive day. Here’s to an equally epic and productive Friday. Cheers!


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