Day 188: Friday July 7, 2017

TGIF everyone!! And just like that another work week has flown by. Cannot believe it’s already July too, how is summer going by this fast? The weather has finally started to warm up but I don’t know how long it’ll last so the warm weather is going to see me outside as much as I can (as long as I remember that wonderful sunscreen).

So turns out 24 year olds can have 95 year old backs (well at least they can if they’re me). I still have no idea what I did but my back is sure still pissed at me. I’ve decided to take a different approach to getting it back to normal than I usually do though (yes I’ve done this so many times that I have a usually course of action for when I hurt my back, pathetic isn’t it?). Instead of being as still as possible and avoiding exercise at all cost I’ve been taking the cardio and yoga route. I did a long walk on the treadmill at lunch which felt awesome. I didn’t do it at the speed and incline I normally did but just the same I needed the break and the walk was just what I needed to break up the day.

After work I was really busy with writing. I’ve had a ton of ideas and inspiration lately, it’s totally awesome. I have no idea where all this inspiration or idea explosion is coming from but I am definitely not complaining. It could be coming from all the inspiration I’m finding in the Facebook groups I follow. I am fortunate enough to be a part of some amazing online communities of strong, brilliant, and badass women and I’ve learned so much from them. It is so important to have good relationships and people to surround yourself with. It is too true that you become like those you surround yourself with, which is why it is so important to choose those people with care. Surrounding myself with strong, smart, determined, focused individuals can only help me to become similar to them and that only gets me closer to achieving my goals. 

Hope everyone’s had an awesome week. Hope you crushed goals, conquered challenges, learned things, and had an awesome time doing it. Here’s to a weekend of relaxation, accomplishment, and whatever you need it to be. Cheers!


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