Day 189: Saturday July 8, 2017

Happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Full disclosure, I was so lazy today I gave sloths competition.  
My back is still driving me crazy. It honestly seems to be getting worse rather than better which is annoying to say the least. With it getting worse I had to improvise on my workout today to not have my own stubbornness make bad matters worse. I just did really slow and steady yoga today. I made sure to focus on poses that stretch out the back rather than focus on learning or perfecting poses. 

Other than yoga and a little family time, it was mostly writing day today and I kinda sucked at it not gonna lie. I was just not writing anything of substance today. I had all these awesome ideas yesterday and when I tried writing about them it just wasn’t happening. 

We all have those days. The days where nothing productive happens. The days where you have high hopes for all the stuff you’ll get done and you wind up doing nothing. Today was one of those for me. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. Tomorrow I have no choice with some of the stuff I have to do so that’ll force me to be productive. 

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful, productive, fun, relaxing, whatever you need weekend. Cheers!


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